Are You Baby-Sitting Or Delegating?

The Skill of Holding People Accountable

Recommended Audience:  Business Owners, Managers, Team Leaders

Description:  Statistics show that only 2% of the workforce works well without supervision! This means that people are not self-starters by nature, which puts pressure on management to hold employees accountable. In this workshop, managers and team leaders learn a new approach to getting things done through others to avoid burning themselves out. They explore how get the most from their staff by setting clear boundaries, delegating with trust, observing, coaching and rewarding performance. Participants learn to listen and gain cooperation by collaborating with their staff to achieve every task, goal and sales target.

Key Learnings:

  • Setting Ground Rules for Work & Life that establish boundaries and behavior to bring out the best in everyone on the team.
  • Why the daily battle is always the comfort zone and how to get everyone to wake up and stay engaged.
  • An important collaborative tool for the team to determine and commit to their goals, priorities, standards and completion times each day.
  • How to be more effective accomplishing tasks through others without baby-sitting.
  • Master the secrets of human behavior and how to read verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Holding others accountable for delegated tasks by clarifying specific performance behaviors and establishing clear deadlines.
  • Clear communication for building trust in each team.

Your Rewards:  A fully aligned team, eager to collaborate, communicate, participate and operate in harmony with your organization score values.