Your Mind Is A “Goal Machine!”

Do You Know Your Mind Is A “Goal Machine?”

Creating a vision is a powerful strategy that savvy professionals use to engage their teams and transform their businesses. Choosing a company vision that inspires and motivates can be a total game-changer. It’s compelling.

Conscious leaders set goals that include their personal and professional lives to engage their heart as well. That way their goals move from their head to their heart to keep them motivated and focused. Setting goals is the first step in manifesting a desire or dream into a reality. Once a clear vision is formed, the second step is creating specific goals that will help you achieve it with specifics like what you will do, the frequency, as well as start and end dates.

Who doesn’t like making lists of “to do’s” and crossing them out when they are completed? Those are little goals. Why not harness your own motivation by setting big and little goals more often? Do you know that you have the most dynamic power in the world right behind your own eyes? This is your “Goal Machine” and with it you can achieve goals of any magnitude.”

The Reticular Activating System

Part of your brain is known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS) and it plays a vital part in your ability to achieve your goals. The Reticular Activating System brings relevant information to your attention, acting like a filter between your conscious mind and subconscious mind. In fact, we are bombarded by so much stimuli every day it would overwhelm us without our brain’s filter.

Here’s an experiment for you. Look around the room you are in and find everything that is green. Then close your eyes. Now open your eyes and without looking, ask yourself, “What was yellow?” You will see the filter. When you look for green; that is what you see. When you look for yellow; you will see yellow. The brain literally screens out much of the thousands of stimuli that descend on us every day.

By instructing your mind what to focus on through your vision and goals, you can program your Reticular Activating System. You can command your brain to literally gather all of the unconscious memories and experiences that relate to what you want to achieve and even while you are sleeping, your brain will be organizing the information into “stepping stones” to get you to your goals quickly.


How does this work? Our brain is just like a computer. (As a matter of fact, the computer was modeled after the brain.) It is estimated that 10% is focused in the frontal lobes as conscious, analytical, organized and logical. This part goes to sleep at night. The other 90% is unconscious – our memories, habits, neural pathways and all of our stored experiences. The subconscious never goes to sleep. By creating goals and writing them down you can program your conscious mind to access the unconscious! Once the brain is “programmed,” it begins to source out and recognize opportunities that will take you to your goal, alter your behavior and “out of the blue” you will meet the right people who will move you toward your results.

Truthfully, the brain needs to be consciously programmed to make you a happy, healthy, successful individual. The brain does what you “tell” it to do. “Your wish is my command.” It seeks what you program it to look for what you want. Once you have chosen your goals, here are ways to continually activate your Reticular Activating System

  1. Create a “vision board.” Go through your favorite magazines and cut out pictures of your dream home, vacation destinations, happy families, animals, inspiring words and phrases. Paste them on a poster and put it where you can see it every day.
  2. Create affirmations that bring the picture of your goals to mind. Say them out loud and visualize that you already have them.
  3. Read books about people who have already achieved goals similar to yours.
  4. Listen to or watch videos of people who have already succeeded.

Warning! What we picture in our minds and dwell upon persists.

When people do not have a clear vision and goals to match, they fall victim to the circumstances that show up in their lives. A sick relative or health issue can completely derail someone who has no goal to work toward and no sense of urgency. These sorts of individuals let circumstances decide their futures. They tend to react to situations rather than proactively choosing their attitudes and behaviors regardless of situations.

Life can be full of irritating, uncomfortable situations that trigger emotions and stress. The more people dwell on negative feelings like helplessness or difficulty, the more the mind creates experiences to match. Negative thoughts create negative experiences that can cause things to fall apart. This can lead to desperation. When people are desperate, they will make emotional decisions and will have desperate results.

“Life without clear, meaningful goals is reactive rather than proactive.”

The Power of Goals

One of the most powerful motivational tools is a meaningful goal.   Goals are essential for the following reasons:

  • Goals stimulate attention, effort and energy
  • Goals enable you to analyze your current position
  • Goals provide a clear picture to visualize
  • Goals provide a target deadline for achievement
  • Goals provide the basis for everyday plans
  • Goals give reason for rewards and celebration

The evidence is compelling: setting goals works! Without goals, you find yourself wishing and hoping things will happen. Dare to dream of bigger things for yourself and your business, then use goals to make your vision your reality.

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