BusinessSOULutions.com is represented accurately as a training site for business leaders.

There is absolutely no guarantee that you will make any money using the techniques and ideas in this course. Success with any business endeavor depends on your abilities, experience, time devoted, other advisers consulted and willingness to work hard. Everyone is different. If your abilities aren’t where they need to be and your commitment is low, we can pretty much guarantee you will not be successful.

Even if you work hard, no one can guarantee you will be successful at all or that you will make money. If you want absolute guarantees, then starting or running your own business is probably not the best place to be. Any business has inherent risk involved and we highly suggest you have appropriate professional advisers prior to making any business decisions.

Any claims made about earnings on BusinessSOULutions.com are estimates based on a long history of consulting and leadership experience by business owners Kathryn Dager and Danielle Isaac.

BusinessSOULutions.com is not presented as a “get rich quick” scheme. It is based in on 30 years in the business consulting business.