A Journey of Cultural Transformation

Hiring Without Tears



Have you noticed it's getting harder to find good people to interview?

With the advancement of technology and social media, traditional methods no longer work.

Learn what strategies work best in today's market and how you can use technology to make your recruiting efforts easier and more effective.

Don't be forced to hire the wrong people again.

Fill your funnel with people who are eager to work for you.


Feel like you're wasting time and money on hiring employees only to have them leave by lunch on their first day?

Typical interview techniques are not good for separating the chaff from the wheat.

Learn why it's so critical to know the profile of a good employee and how you can read the "tells" of your applicants during their interview.


Are you tired of new employees saying "you never told me that" during the interview?

Having clear agreements between you and your employees prevents unnecessary frustration between and your employees. Find out the best way to hold employees accountable to their agreements. 

What would it be like to have confidence in your hiring process and be able to count on finding great people?

Together we literally craft and launch your vision-driven culture and walk you through the integration process step-by-step.


Proven techniques to build a culture based on trust.

The best way to get everyone on the same page is with shared ground rules – these rules keep everyone on track.

How to keep the ball rolling so your dreams, goals and wishes become your reality.

How to empower your team to step up and seize their opportunities.

Naturally, if you implement everything we just shared with you, you’ll see amazing results in your business. I’ve literally have done this for hundreds of businesses.

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Week 1 – Culture & Mindset

Your business is a reflection of you and your leadership team. The first step we’re going to make sure all of our Leaders have a clear vision and the right mindset to take their business to the next level. They need to know where they are going so they can clearly communicate it to their team. We will be doing several processes to support the clarification and creation of a new vision. We will set very clear goals for this year.

Week 2 – Leadership Roles & Comfort Zone

We will still be focusing on getting the leadership team in alignment. This will be done by identifying your leadership skills and the roles you consciously and unconsciously take during stressful times. We will support your internal shift to new productive roles that will positively impact yourself and your team. During week 2 we will be illuminating the pitfalls and limitations of the comfort zone and creating new strategies to keep you and your team fully conscious, focused and reaching new during busy times.

Week 3 – Empty The Cup & Launch

The leadership team is aligned with the vision and now it’s time to get the whole team aligned with it, too! We’re going to show you how to engage your employees so they partner with you to create your vision. Then we are going to give them their voice so they are energized, enthusiastic and innovative. Then, your employees will be seeing possibilities from all areas of your business that motivates them to engage fully. Your team will begin taking steps in the direction of your shared vision so you will immediately start seeing results. We will have a special call to ensure you are confident to facilitate this process so you can have these implementation skills forever!

Week 4 – Ground Rules For Work & Life

By the fourth week, your team will be ignited with a fire to make your business everything you’ve dreamed of. It will be a collective effort! We will prepare you to set ground rules that put the “rails” up on the bowling lane – no more gutter balls. You will show them how important it is to trust each other and how to build it back if it breaks. Once that foundation is laid, you can begin to delegate opportunities to your employees because they have made a commitment to keep agreements. Your team will form a rock solid bond so that they stick together and slice through all your organization’s tough issues with their eyes on the goal.

Week 5 – Tools & Strategies To Keep It Going

So to further support you, we are going to help you launch Daily Huddles, Who, What, When and Coaching Cards during our course. You’ll have the accountability aspect to make sure it gets done but also you’ll be able to ask us questions and properly prepare for a highly successful launch.