Get The Right People On Your Team!

Hiring, Recruiting & Selection Skills & Strategies

Recommended Audience: Business Owners, Managers, Team Leaders

Description: You can’t play the game without a team—hiring the right people is the single most important aspect of building a business. One bad apple and your business results could be in the tank! The reality is that most owners and managers are not professionally trained to hire, so they tend to bring in family, friends and kids-of-friends to “fill the schedule” rather than following a well-designed, integrated system. In this presentation, Kathryn will clarify who would be “right” to hire for your business, your customers and your reputation. You will learn ways to attract the best and screen out unwilling, uncooperative, incompetent and potentially disruptive people.

Key Learnings:

  • How much does it cost to train, develop and retain the right people? (And what is it costing your business to hire the wrong ones?)
  • What are the Skills, Abilities & Values you cannot live without? (Examples: honesty, stability, maturity, willingness to approach people, math skills, availability, physically able to do the job, English-speaking, motivation, commitment, etc.)
  • Building a “Good Employee Hiring Profile” as a legal standard and recruiting guideline.
  • “Scratch and Sniff” interview secrets—creating the best interviewing environment and customized, focused questions so you can quietly and confidently determine critical behaviors.
    • Practice creating open-ended topic questions.
    • The legalities regarding applications, interview questions and selection.
  • Developing a post-interview checklist for your “Good Employee” screening.
  • 12 essential recruiting strategies using the “Good Employee Profile.”
    • Passive recruiting: Internet, social network, print ads, etc.
    • Active recruiting: Job fairs, Open House events, clubs, organizations, etc.

Your Rewards:  Just imagine looking forward to working with your team—and improving your bottom line—every day! You will enjoy excellent results, and your customers will show their thanks with repeat visits and referrals!