How to Sell Without “Selling”

Keys to Engaging and Relating with Customers

Recommended Audience: Sales Associates, Sales Team

Description: Increase the self-confidence and results of your sales teams with this highly interactive workshop, focused on developing relationships with new customers. Each skill is brought to life with practice, demonstrations and activities that increase the participants’ retention, bringing fun, excitement and effectiveness to their sales presentations about your company’s products or services.

Key Learnings:

  • How to break the ice, engage customers and gain credibility by listening closely, reading verbal and nonverbal cues, using effective communication skills, and asking the right questions.
  • Why enthusiasm creates more sales than pushing customers to buy.
  • Creating a “fan club” of loyal customers by getting more personal, exploring interests, and sharing about upcoming events.
  • The secret to “interviewing” customers in order to address their specific objectives and lifestyle requirements.
  • A persuasive approach to communicating the benefits, not just features, of your products or services.
  • Crowd control—what to do in a super-busy environment.
  • New ways to serve bartering or demanding customers with genuine care and concern.
  • Transforming objections or concerns into opportunities that create more trust—and sales!

Your Rewards: Following this workshop, your sales associates will begin partnering with customers to explore opportunities and present suggestions with certainty and enthusiasm. Their follow-up will exceed customers’ expectations and keep them coming back!

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