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Find Out If Training Cards Are Right For Your Business

Profitivity’s customized Training Cards provide a “career-in-a-box” to communicate your expectations to your Associates and to make them 100% accountable for your standards.

  • Training Cards incorporate all tasks and skills, service strategies, policies and procedures in every job description.
  • All Training Cards are color-coded, laminated and mounted on a wall for easy visibility and access.
  • Training Cards are cost-effective, since Associates are not taken off the floor for training.  They read each day’s lesson, practice new skills and incorporate your standards into their daily tasks.
  • By the end of each shift, Associates ask to have their skills observed and signed-off by a Mentor.


  1. It’s a structured On-The-Job Training System.
  2. You customize the Cards to speak your expectations and standards.
  3. They mounted on a wall in a colorful box; not a binder.
  4. Each Card is color-coded, laminated and fun to use.
  5. Associates master 1 or 2 skills or tasks each day and ask to be “Checked Out” by a Mentor.
  6. Responsibility for learning stays on the Associate.   (No more baby-sitting.)
  7. Includes ALL of the tasks and skills in your business (not just customer service).  Self-directed learning; like a treasure hunt.  (It’s SRA’s for grown-ups, if you know what that is.)
  8. Everything is written in behaviors – eliminating interpretation.
  9. Mentor’s perform daily “Check Outs” and they reinforce standards.
  10. Easy to implement and very cost-effective.


The system depends on the Mentors to reinforce behavior and develop observation and feedback skills to fulfill their important function.  Profitivity will customize a Mentoring Workshop for your core team.  Through lively discussions and learning activities, participants will receive valuable insights on human behavior, collaboration tools, keys for adult learning and strategies for reinforcement.  The ultimate goal of the Workshop is to position all of your Mentors as “change agents,” rather than as baby-sitters for their areas.  During this transformational day your Mentors will gain confidence in their skills and abilities.  On Day 2 Profitivity will bring the selling skills to life in an activities and learning processes for the different groups.  We will train the Mentors to be “Trainers” and to reinforce the customer service skills.

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