Turn Your Payroll Into Profit

Key Empowerment Strategies & Tools

Recommended Audience: Business Owners, Managers, Team Leaders

Description: This is a powerful workshop full of eye-opening activities and tangible skills that support business leaders to make their employees productive rather than “happy.” Participants will learn new collaboration techniques, motivational tools, proven approaches to prompt behavioral change and compelling communication improvement methods, and take away practical strategies to build trust and keep teams motivated to create profits. Participants are empowered with the skills and confidence to set goals, delegate, execute and hold everyone accountable.

Key Learnings:

  • Master the power of speaking in behaviors instead of “notions.”
  • Manage and prompt desired behavior and avoid dealing directly with “attitudes.”
  • Know the most effective and positive ways to coach, train or confront behavior.
  • Effectively use the principles of communication and eliminate assumptions.
  • Gain information on teamwork and guidelines to build and maintain trust in each team.

Your Rewards: Participants will be equipped with a new, fresh approach to creating a motivational environment that increases productivity and profit. A customized handout will provide them with specific new behaviors to reinforce as well as practical tools to improve their teams’ sales and results.