Your Front Line Creates Your Bottom Line

Customer Service Skills & Reinforcement Strategies

Recommended Audience: Managers and Team Leaders

Description: Like it or not, your front-line employees represent YOU—they are your customer’s first contact and create a lasting impression. However, chances are that your employees have no idea what “good customer service” looks like. Not surprisingly, if you don’t set and reinforce clear standards, people revert to their comfort zones and become self-serving (we see that everywhere, right?). In this highly interactive workshop, managers learn how to engage and generate high energy through collaborating with their team. Customer service “behaviors” are brought to life and fully experienced in a demonstrable, communicable way.

Key Learnings:

  • Why there is no such thing as “common sense” anymore.
  • Four generations in the workforce and the last two did not grow up around dinner tables practicing conversation and courtesy.
  • What do we expect our employees to know about communication skills, listening, respect for others and ability to connect with people from different generations?
  • How to create a commonality within your team so everyone knows what “customer service” looks like.
  • Practice communicating in behavioral terms to have a greater influence on your team members and their effectiveness.
  • Serving others wholeheartedly lifts morale and inspires employees to measurably increase results.

Your Rewards: Participants will learn how to gain buy-in so their team participates in establishing performance standards that deserve recognition and rewards. They will take away practical tools and motivational techniques to create daily working conditions that generate effort, enthusiasm and productivity. Customized handouts provide the reinforcement tools hand-crafted for implementation and mentoring to reinforce the new standards.